New Mom Questionnaire + a chance to win a free post-partum support session with me

This is for all new moms

(so if you know a new mom, forward this email to her!)

I am giving away 3 free 30-minute post-partum support sessions. 

You can win one of them by filling out a simple questionnaire about your post-partum experience here (the deadline is this Friday 8/19).


The reason I am doing this is because I know how tough the first year(s) post-partum can be when so much is changing, your energy levels tank, your relationship with your partner is now all about your newest (& sweetest) addition, and uh... oh yeah, your body just built another human from scratch and then delivered it to the world in all its glory through pretty tight spaces. 

In my humble opinion, our society is seriously lacking in supporting new moms in the right ways.

There is nobody at the hospital, for example, who is teaching new moms about the fact that their nutrients are totally depleted post pregnancy.

There is no support in building up your nutritional repertoire so that your body has what it needs to give you the pure physical basis to do all the new mom heavy-lifting while running low on sleep.

There are no guidelines for how to restructure and re-prioritize your life.

There is no support for communicating with your partner in a way that keeps your intimacy alive (& I am not talking about sex here, because truthfully, virtually no woman who gave birth 6 weeks prior in whatever way, wants to have sex. Sorry guys!). I'm talking about communicational support that is productive, positive and builds the foundation for a strong parental unit.

There are no guidelines for how to restructure and re-prioritize your life so that it feels right to YOU.

I could go on, but for now, I would simply love to understand new moms and their experiences in more detail so that I can support them in the best way possible going forward. Hence ---> the questionnaire and the chance to win a free 30-minute session with me.