[Huffington Post Feature] 3 Steps to Becoming a Healthy, Happy Mom

Yay- I was featured in The Huffington Post a few weeks back :) Check out the article on their site or scroll down.

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The majority of women I know spend the better part of their teens, twenties, and even thirties terrified of getting pregnant accidentally. So much of our efforts go into trying to avoid pregnancy that many women find themselves surprised that getting pregnant is actually not as easy as they once thought.

I was one of those women who spent 15 years of my life on some sort of hormonal birth control just to discover that I had an underlying hormonal imbalance that the pill had been masking (or perhaps, created).

I was stunned at first and scared eventually that my period was nowhere in sight. While my OB told me to simply go back on birth control (yes really!), I knew that this was not a solution to my hormonal imbalance, but a mere bandaid.

It took me over two years to learn everything I could about the intricate complexity of our hormones, apply what I learned to my life and my nutrition and to heal my body from years of being under external hormonal influence.

What surprised me the most is that by becoming an expert on how to support my hormones, I not only healed and prepared my body for an amazing pregnancy, but I truly prepared myself emotionally for becoming a happy mom.

The key, I found, to becoming a healthy, happy mom is all about how you prepare your body and your life before you get pregnant

This is obviously a multifaceted topic and the journey does look different for each woman, but here are 3 areas to look into if you want to prepare your body to create life in the future:


  1. Listen to your symptoms and find out what they actually mean on a hormonal and emotional level.
    Rather than hating on your symptoms (PMS, acne, headaches, anxiety, bloated bellies, inability to lose weight, irritability, to name a few), start to be curious about them, listen to what they are trying to tell you and consult with an expert who can help you decipher your symptoms with skill and sensitivity. 

  2. Embrace a blood-sugar-balanced way of life.
    So many of us think they are eating healthy, when in reality their blood-sugar levels are riding a daily (often even hourly!) rollercoaster. If your body has to work super hard to balance your blood-sugar, it will be really difficult for it to rev up the life-creating energy it takes to have a healthy period and eventually conceive successfully and blissfully.

  3. Begin to visualize yourself as the pregnant glowing woman you want to be one day. 
    Visualization and manifestation are incredibly powerful tools when it comes to creating the reality we desire. Spend some time each day tuning into yourbody and connecting with the mother within yourself. Feel into her. See her. In my experience as a coach, creating an intimate connection with the parts of yourself that you want to see come forth is the most beautiful way to invite life. 

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Becoming a mother is the most incredible journey a woman can go on, so share this post with women in your life who are ready to be moms.