Have you ever considered the impact of your name?

Today, I am writing to you from the beautiful west-coast of Sweden.

Both my husband and I are from Europe and this year we are making one of our dreams come true by spending the summer with our families. The reason we can do this is because both of our jobs are location-independent, which has been a goal for us. 

One of the most important things for me has always been to feel free. I get anxious, claustrophobic, restless and even angry when I feel tied down. Interestingly, one of the meanings of Caroline, besides meaning "manly" (yup- go ahead and chuckle! lol), is also "the free one." 

I believe that one's name is enormously powerful. It is the sound the world makes when referring to you forever. It carries strong energy. It influences how the world sees you and responds to you; often without ever having met you. It is how you introduce yourself to others. It is a huge part of your identity.

An article in the New Yorker Why Your Name Matters, even reported that "some recent research suggests that names can influence choice of profession, where we live, whom we marry, the grades we earn, the stocks we invest in, whether we’re accepted to a school or are hired for a particular job, and the quality of our work in a group setting. Our names can even determine whether we give money to disaster victims: if we share an initial with the name of a hurricane, according to one study, we are far more likely to donate to relief funds after it hits."

Nuts, huh?!

I began thinking about names a lot more when I had my son, Felix, "the lucky one," last year. I wanted him to have both a meaningful name as well as a name that was rooted in family. We selected his first and middle names with lots of thought, love, and some may say, creativity (his full name is Felix Gustav Marlow Zwickson);) 


Last week, we celebrated Felix and his name with a Naming Ceremony at the beach here in Sweden. Surrounded by our families, we wanted to include each family member and collected pieces of life wisdom on various topics -ranging from creating confidence and self-esteem, optimism and creativity to fostering adventure, surviving heartbreak and thriving in the tough time, managing stress and fear. It was a magical day! 


Felix, the name, is part of our gift to our son. 

Likewise, your name has been a gift to you. Your name carries very important and powerful energy as well.

Knowing your name's meaning and origin, the story why your parents picked that particular name for you as well as any family connection to it, is a great first step in becoming the true owner of your own name and using its powers confidently and in support of the path you are forging for yourself. 

My challenge for you this week is to start digging.

Look up your name.

Ask your parents about why they chose your name for you.

Walk confidently with your name and own its meaning and power that has been harvested throughout history.

Embrace your name, its meaning and the story behind it. 




PS: Next week, I will share with you a new episode of The Fertile Life Interview Series, featuring young women's hormonal health expert Nicole Jardim. The topic will be How To End The War With PMS & Boost Your Fertility Naturally. You don't want to miss it ;)