[Fertile Life Interview] The Key To Stress-Free Parenting

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You've probably heard that parenting can be challenging.

Growing into the role of a mother often comes with self-doubt, guilt, and overwhelm.

As a new mom myself (we recently celebrated Felix's first birthday :)), I have gone through a series of intense emotions over the past year simply because I love my little man so much that I want to do this parenting thing "right." 

That simple desire -to be good mom- increases the pressure we create within ourselves enormously. 

Plus, there is obviously a pretty steep learning curve when you are suddenly responsible for a tiny human who is pretty helpless without you.

(And then there is, of course, the enormous external pressure from our society and the comparison to other moms, which we will go into a bit in today's expert interview.)

What I realize from my own journey is that there is so much to learn: first about conceiving successfully and healthfully, then about pregnancy, and then about childbirth, so that the preparation for the actual parenthood is often put on the back-burner. 

I remember when my husband and I left the hospital in NYC and jokingly looked at each other with our tiny newborn in tow wondering "Now, what?!" 

Here is what I want you to know and why today's expert interview is so dear to my heart:

Preparing your family and yourself for the actual rearing of a child and creating a family platform from which you can make decisions that are aligned with your values before you conceive will make parenting SO.MUCH.EASIER. and so much less stressful.

In today's expert interview called "The Key To Stress-Free Parenting," I am delivering you some the guidance I wish I myself had had.

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I am interviewing Susan Seay, the #mentorformoms, coach, and author the book “The Intentional Parent - parenting on purpose when life gets busy”, on the following questions:

1. In a nutshell, what is an intentional parent? How is an intentional parent different?

2. What are the main reasons parenting becomes so stressful on an emotional level (other than just sleep-deprivation)?

3. How can a couple prepare for stress-free parenting even before the woman conceives?

4. Where does a stressed out, tired mom start?

This interview is jam-packed with amazing guidance and advice that all women who desire to be stress-free moms, must know.

Check it out here.