Does life feel mega challenging sometimes?

If you opened this post, I am assuming you know what it's like when sh*t just keeps hitting the fan. 

What the f***! When will this end? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Why me? 

And then, once the sh*t actually stops hitting the fan so hard, we often find ourselves just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Can life actually feel so pleasant? I wonder when the next crappy thing will happen? 

After prolonged times of bad news and feelings of exhaustion and disappointment and heartbreak and low self-esteem, it is easy to develop an unconscious anticipation for more bad things to happen. 

It creates an uneasy sensation in our gut... kinda all the time. 

Feeling on edge.

Quietly brewing anxiety.

Fabricating worst case scenarios.

Tightness in the throat.

Headaches and strained eyes. 

Trivial bickering.

Tears out of nowhere. 

Wanting to be alone and then feeling lonely.

Wanting to be with loved ones and then feeling misunderstood.


This is obviously not a good place to be in because when we anticipate our life to suck, when we expect ourselves to suffer, when we are waiting for the other shoe to drop, it will.  

Humans want to be right, so if you believe that you are the victim and that you life has nothing in store for you (no love, no family, no baby, no joy at work, no fun, no health...), you will unconsciously make that happen.  

It's called manifestation. And it's powerful! 

If you are finding yourself in a painful period of your life or you simply find it challenging to navigate a problem and return to a positive, hopeful outlook, I have two things for you: 

1. My dear friend Jennifer Racioppi just wrote a very vulnerable and inspiring post on her health journey: When Turning 37 Feels Like Turning 77

{Here is a little excerpt: 

"Through the years of journeying this road, I have learned to see my suffering as a pathway to my liberation. It challenges me in ways I would never consciously choose, and when I accept this, I always find it takes me to new heights. I would have never chosen this, but since it’s here, I am going to mine the depths of what it offers.Read her full post here.}

It is an immensely powerful post, especially if you are dealing with a health issue.

2. Learning to reclaim the positive and finding new directions by giving yourself permission to dream again and then declare those dreams for yourself is not always easy. If you would like to learn more about manifestation and how to use it to change your mindset from "my life is so challenging" to "I believe my life wants to be beautiful and I know what I want," then click here to watch my welcome video and learn more about my 4-step e-course Manifestation & Vision Boarding.

It's a simple, super affordable, fun course that will stimulate your creativity and is meant to bring the light back into your life. I know you will LOVE it;)

With love, 

PS: If you are a mom OR want to be a mom one day, stay tuned. Next week's episode of The Fertile Life Interview Series will introduce you to an amazing woman who mentors moms and will share with us how to make parenting stress-free (hint: if you can start this process even before you conceive, you will benefit from it a million times over! I wish I had had some of those tools myself, so I am super excited to share this expert interview with you ;))

PPS: Know someone who is going through a tough time, share the care and forward this post to them. 

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1. understand what manifestation is and how you can use it for your own benefit to create an amazing, fun life.

2. release the major patterns in your life that are holding you back from taking charge. Say hello to your personal power!

3. gain a clear understanding for what you desire to manifest in your future and embark on its creation with love and trust.

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5. create your very own vision board that uses a beautiful, holistic system I personally developed to help you tune into and utilize your intuition (and don't tell me you don't have any... everybody does. You just have to know how to access it;))

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