The Mother Archetype, my 1st mother's day & 20% off any of my courses

This Sunday will be my very first mother's day. While it may seem like I am fishing to get your congratulations, that is only part of the reason ;) Just kidding... I am writing to you today because this past year has held so many lessons for me that are applicable to you whether or not you are a mom. 

I'm also writing, because, in celebration of this day and to honor all the amazing family, friends, and mentors who have supported me in becoming the women, wife, mother, and coach I am today, I am also offering a 20% discount gift on any of my e-courses (valid until Sunday, May 8th). Scroll down to learn more.

Earlier today as I was playing with Felix in the park soaking in some warm sun-rays that twinkled over us through the trees, I thought about the mother archetype.

The mother archetype exists within all of us (mother or not, female or male). In its essence, she is the divine female who holds the potential to bring warmth and nurturance into your life. She makes it possible for you to give and receive unconditional love, experience intimacy and serve as a healer of your wounds and stress. She is the link between you and your loved ones. A courageous warrior who finds strength in her vulnerability and lives in the full expression of her creativity. This is the LOVING mother archetype. 

On the flipside, there is the UNLOVING mother archetype, which expresses itself in feeling judgmental of others and yourself, jealous, self-loathing, abandoning or overly indulgent, and often lonely. The unloving mother within you restricts you and makes you small. She may look strong on the outside, but is weak and brittle on the inside.

Over the past year, as I have been getting acquainted with a new part of my identity -the identity of a mother to my most precious son, I have been challenged many times to adopt the LOVING mother archetype when it comes to dealing with myself and being my own mother.

I have found it so easy to doubt myself, feel anxious about decisions I made for Felix' health, fabricate unrealistic fears about his wellbeing (yes, I've gotten up in the middle of the night to check on his heartbeat more often that you think), feel guilty about working and at the same time not spending all 24 hours with my son, the list goes on. 

Here is some truth I want you to know: just because I have studied the psychology of human behavior, have a M.A. in psychology and have years of experience coaching women, doesn't mean I am immune to anxiety, stress, self-doubt, and so forth. 

As humans, every time we grow into a new role and take a step into unknown territory, we are also experiencing ourselves in a new way. When we do this, old familiar frenemies (stress, anxiety, self-doubt) may pop up again and we are given a new chance to stick with the LOVING rather than the UNLOVING mother archetype within.

Over this past year, I've felt more grateful than ever for having had friends, family, and mentors who have not only helped me make decisions, but who have walked this vulnerable path with me. I am also thankful for having had the tools and the practice from previous life situations that have made it easier to find my way back to the loving mother. 

Before meeting my husband and having a baby, I used to feel anxious about my body, my career, and whether or not I would find love. I learned tools to calm that anxiety and instead channel that energy towards finding myself and taking steps towards building the life I actually wanted. Then, I adjusted again when I experienced hormonal imbalances and felt scared and misaligned with the western medical system, and now I am doing it again to help me pave my way in motherhood. 

Again, it's not always easy, but that's life and you must know that YOU, caroline, always have a choice: will you support yourself as your own LOVING MOTHER, or will you abandon yourself as the UNLOVING MOTHER would?

I created my e-courses because 1. I want women everywhere to learn how to choose the loving mother within because it is not a one-time job, and 2. I want women to have the information and tools they need to make the best possible decisions both for their mental and emotional well-being as well as for the physical -and especially- hormonal health. 

In honor of my first mother's day and to pay forward the incredible support I have been given by women and mothers in my life, I am offering a 20% discount on any of my e-courses: 

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Happy Mother's Day to you, your mother, your grandmothers and all women in your life who have shown you what it means to be a force of love.