[Fertile Life Interview] How To Prepare Your Life To Invite A Baby

Have you ever thought about the fact that we prepare everything and anything in life these days. We prepare for holidays, trips, work meetings, presentations, yoga class, nights out, buying a house, taxes... we prepare, prepare, prepare... but one area where we don't really prepare is for a mindful pregnancy and what it means to take on the identity of a mother.

Sure, the preparing starts again when it's time to decorate the nursery and throw a baby shower, but when it comes to our actual pregnancy and what becoming a mother truly means, our culture is severely lacking in preparation and in ritual that go beyond taking a prenatal and having sex with your partner. 

Isn't this strange? Especially because having a baby will likely change your life more than anything you've ever done before and will ever do.

Having a baby is a huge shift in people's lives and it deserves so much more (loving) attention than we are giving it in our society. 

That's why I am kicking off my new interview series "The Fertile Life" interview series with a very special guest.

Please meet the amazing Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW. Bailey is a psychotherapist, writer, speaker, and transformational success coach helping ambitious women to ditch fear and take action on living a life they love. Besides that, Bailey became mom to her adorable daughter a little over a year ago and so she really had an opportunity to walk her own talk when it comes to navigating her pregnancy journey.

In my interview with Bailey, we talk about How To Prepare Your Life To Invite A Baby. You can get instant access to this free future-mama training here.


In our interview, I pick Bailey's brain about amazing topics including her own marvelous story of becoming pregnancy (hint: it took 3 men, including a shaman).


More specifically you will learn:

1. What are key elements that women really need to connect with within themselves in order to have a happy and healthy pregnancy?

2. How do you handle fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty when trying to get pregnant and then during pregnancy?

3. What are the structural, physical things that women need to consider BEFORE they get pregnant that will make everything so much easier? 


If you see kids in your future, I highly recommend you listen to this free interview