Guilty pleasures? How about just pleasure.

When we go to bed at night, my husband frequently says "I hope you dream of chocolate." 

He knows me well;)

I loooove chocolate. I've had a sweet-tooth for as long as I remember. In fact, my whole family is really into sugar (it's not out of the realm of their imagination to suggest dessert after breakfast. Truth.).

While chocolate brings me a lot of pleasure, it has also (dis-)served me in 2 major ways: 1. an emotional crutch that allowed me to bury my feelings for way too long, and 2. a vicious cycle of I-CANNOT-STOP-EATING because my blood sugar was flying all over the place. The latter led to major feelings of guilt and self-disgust.

My now self feels so much love for the girl I was a few years ago who constantly beat herself up and couldn't deal with her emotions in a way that didn't lead into a downward spiral of guilt. I wish I could time-travel and just hold myself, love myself, and show myself a more loving way.

Don't get me wrong love, it's not that I never eat a little bit too much chocolate now -it happens on occasion. I am human. But, the difference is that now the pleasure I get from eating chocolate trumps the guilt by a million. I also don't overeat the way I used to because I am not working on numbing my feelings. There is a huge difference.

Here is the truth: "guilty" pleasures are never just physical, they are ALWAYS also emotional. 

Learning how to deal with both: physical cravings and emotional impulses is immensely important when creating greater health and happiness. 

Listen, love, I'd be last person to tell you to remove pleasure from your life. I am not even dreaming of living a life without chocolate... that would be dreadful. Seriously.

But, I also refuse to have the very same thing that brings me pleasure and joy, be the thing that makes me feel out of control and creates hormonal rollercoasters that lead to further physical problems.

In my case, learning how to eat for my hormones -aka. blood sugar balancing- and understanding how I can detoxify my body properly and gently allowed me to heal my hormonal imbalances/ period problems and get rid of my chronic backpain because my body wasn't constantly inflamed anymore. 

Having these tools around food and understanding it's medicinal powers has truly changed my life immensely. 

In my upcoming 14-day, food-based Spring Cleanse, I will teach you a peaceful, even-tempered, and delicious way to eat for your hormones.

While we will not have chocolate during the actual cleanse (bummer... sorry ;) do expect tons of delicious recipes though!), I will teach you how to use food to encourage physical harmony during week 1, and how to tune into yourself and figure out how you personally can flourish in your own skin in week 2.

This cleanse is for your body and for your mind.

Balance is the goal in pretty much everything I teach, because balance invites ease, resilience, health and happiness; not to mention freedom from all kinds of health issues, including problems with your period, fertility, skin, mood, sleep and inflammatory diseases at large.

The early-bird rate expires TONIGHT and I would LOVE to have you be part of a fantastic small group of women going through this cleanse together and build a better, healthier, more vibrant way of being. Join us here.   



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