10 things I am obsessed with right now... bet you need these, too.

One of my biggest missions in my own life is to create a FERTILE, FUN, COLORFUL LIFE for myself and my family.

What that means is that I want to, not only, live in a hormonally balanced body that can be the best possible place for a baby to grow, but that I want to rest in a calm, resilient mind. That way I can make decisions from a playful, inspired place that allows me to foster amazing relationships and do my work full-heartedly. Besides that I also simply want to have a ton of fun, eat delicious food, and laugh lots.  

That's why in today's post I want to share 10 things that have lately rocked my world and will help you along your journey of creating a "fertile life" on all fronts as well: 


1. Esther Perel (she's an incredible therapist who focuses on intimacy, sex, and relationships) just launched a free video series called DESIRE: Essential Ingredients For Passionate Relationships. All of the videos are super info-packed and I love that she talks about a subject matter that is so often silenced in an open, deeply educated, and compassionate way while giving your hands-on tools for bringing desire -true wanting!- back into your relationship (hint: emotional intimacy isn't the same as sexual intimacy and one doesn't always lead to the other). 


2. I am an adult and yes I like to color lol. An acquaintance of mind recently told me about coloring as a form of stress relief and holy-moly, I LOVE it. I chose the animal series to awaken my own inner lioness, obviously ;)



3. My friend Morgen recently launched an organic tampon company. It's called Cora and it not only takes care of your body without toxins, but it also looks super elegant and sleek. I love that there is finally a movement towards providing feminine care that doesn't try to hide our periods, but celebrate them. It's huge!


4. Spirulina. Where do I even begin to tell you about all the health benefits of spirulina?! Among other things, it is a master antioxidant, strengthens your immune system, promotes healthy digestion, reduces inflammation and eases PMS, as well as helps your body detox naturally. In short, it's an incredible way for you to support your bodily functions easily. Just fyi, when you smell it, it smells like algae (because it is!), but when you mix it with your smoothie, you cannot taste it. Promise;) Even Felix, my 10-month, old devours it. 


5. I recently re-discovered this Emotional Flow Exercise with Tony Robbins. He is a true master in his craft and this clip is part of Oprah's Lifeclass (and she knows what's up). Trust me, just close your eyes and follow along. It brings butterflies to my stomach and tears of joy to my eyes every time.


6. A girl's gotta feel good in her body and wearing clothes that fit is a huge part of feeling feminine, confident, and, for me personally, a little edgy. A friend of mine told me about Stitch Fix a while ago and I was hesitant. However, after once again feeling annoyed at my closet and wishing I had a personal stylist, I decided to give it a try. They did a phenomenal job selecting outfits for me and it was actually kind of fun filling out my style profile. 


7. I'm a big fan of honey as a natural sweetener, but my friend Casey is taking honey to the next level with his bees knees spicy honey which is literally da bomb on everything (he's also doing some serious magic with maple syrup). I find that having interesting flavors in my kitchen cabinets keeps my meals fun and my palate entertained. 


8. Since ditching gluten and dairy for the most part (both are unfortunately not your hormones' best friends), I'm always on the hunt for recipes and blogs that are in line with my family's way of eating. One of my absolute favorite recipes are the Ultimate Energy Bites by deliciouslyella.com. I have no words for how delish these are + super easy and quick to make (if you have a food processor).



9. Oil pulling. Oil what? Oil pulling (also known as "kavala" or "gundusha,") is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique. Basically, you take spoonful of oil (I use coconut oil, because it's oh so good + did you know that coconut oil is super nourishing for your thyroid -> think, metabolism!) and you swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes. It not only is supposed to draw out toxins in your body and improve oral health, but it is also great as a teeth whitening technique. Win win win.


10. Aloe Vera juice. One of the worst things I know is feeling constipated. In my 20s when my diet was all over the place and I didn't know how to manage my stress levels, I had real issues with constipation. As a result I felt super yucky; not to mention that not eliminating waste properly is actually bad for your hormonal health (another post for another time). Aloe Vera juice is great for helping you maintain a healthy digestive system and staying regular. I add about 2 oz to my morning water.



Enjoy :)

PS: In the comments below, I'd love to hear from you: have you tried any of these things? What do you think?

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