Do you want 2017 to be different from 2016?

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Most people I've talked are SOOO freaking ready to say goodbye to 2016.

And that includes me.

While there were lots of great things in 2016, it has felt like a hard year for me:

We road-tripped from NYC to Austin and a few months later from Austin on to SF. WITH A BABY. When I get really tired from all the changes and ungroundedness I have felt this year, I am convinced that we are a little nuts, but then I have to remind myself that the reason we have moved to much this year is because my husband and I are fiercely dedicated to creating a life that feels fulfilling and provides an environment, people, and opportunities that are best for our growing family!  

So, with that said, I know that 2016 came with many good things for many of you, but that it has also presented deep challenges. Here are the ones I heard about the most:
- heartbreak
- the election
- unhappiness with your own body
- infertility
- miscarriage
- having a hard time as a new mom
- puzzling health conditions
- financial hardship
- dissatisfactory work/ evil bosses


What I have found over and over as a health and life coach to women all over the world is that when we don't feel at home in our bodies, when we are loaded with toxins from unhealthy food, the environment, and negative thinking, and when we don't trust ourselves, NOTHING in life works smoothly. 


Our relationship with ourselves and how we take care of ourselves on a daily basis is what sets the stage for our life to flourish or for our life to be bleak, love-less, uninspired, dry and infertile. 

Now, of course, infertility has many different reasons, but I truly believe that our relationship with ourselves and how we nourish our body and mind with good-quality food, the absence of too many toxins and stimulants, exercise that actually feels good, and positive thoughts, can create MIRACLES. 

When I was on my own journey of healing my own hormonal imbalances after coming off of years on the birth control pill, preparing myself for a healthy pregnancy, and recovering from giving birth, I learned over and over again how important it is to treat my own body and mind with the utmost love and care. 

I used to believe that I was healthy or unhealthy because of what the scale showed me.

I scolded myself "in the name of health" for having gained a few pounds or feeling chubby in a bikini.

I ate food that was advertised as "healthy" but was actually holding me hostage in a binge-eating cycle of never feeling truly satisfied (which obviously led to more scolding)... non-fat products, sugar-free treats, exercise to the point of exhaustion... you get the picture. 

The thing is that during that time -a time when I was constantly pushing myself beyond my limits and guilt-tripping myself around food- nothing was working in my life. 

I was completely out of alignment with my body and my internal dialogue was anything but kind and loving. 

It took me a few years until I experienced such serious hormonal imbalances that I finally woke up and got the support (and eventually the professional training!) to change the way I ate and looked at food, and the way I talked to myself and treated myself on a daily basis. 

I have no doubt that my life improved by a million and that I was able to conceive my son Felix when I was ready and have a beautiful pregnancy, because of all the work I did with my body and the way I began to eat and treat myself.

SO MUCH goodness came from making these changes.

That's also why I do what I do professionally: I want you (and women like you!) to have the tools, guidelines and support to make these shifts and changes, so that you can create the kind of soil in your life that is fertile and feels inspiring. 

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Start 2017 on a different note and with renewed energy, nourishment and trust in your own body and mind.