Holistic conception: Creating a fertile life.

Last week, I had the privilege to be interviewed by Amy Neuhedel, a Birthing Year Coach, Hypnobirthing teacher and certified birth doula (DONA), living in Sweden. She is the founder of an amazing podcast called The Cord and I'd love to invite you to listen to our interview called "Holistic conception: Creating a fertile life."

In our conversation I share a lot of my own experiences with healing my hormones after years of being on birth control through creating a fertile life. Amy and I chat about the emotional, mental, inter-relational, and nutritional factors that come into play in order to create greater balance and live a fertile life. 

Getting my hormones back on track before I wanted to have children ultimately allowed me to get pregnant and have an amazing pregnancy when I was ready. This has no doubt been the most amazing, vulnerable, and revealing journey I have been on in my life and I am honored to share my story as well as some key tips with you. 

More specifically, this is what we cover:

  • Why you may need to create space in your life for your baby
  • How your negative self-talk effects conception and tips to stop doing it.
  • What your PMS (or any other discomfort) may be trying to tell you
  • The difference between “healthy” eating and hormonal-friendly eating
  • What shifts can you make now to support your body and help yourself feel well.

Check out our interview here